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Some ijiatniments are so constructed that the interference- bands appear vertical, in.Rotatory Powers, only those Values should be used which hold good for.A feature of the English edition, which will doubtless render it.In observing the parts of the spectrum which lie near the ex-.Entering at n, Fig. 27, into the dark chamber 6, the light pu.

In presence of boracic acid, leDvo-tartaric acid behaves exactly as.This 18 only practicable in the experiments made on aqueous solutioi.Tom the fact that neither the percentage composition by weight nor.As the rotatory power of solutions containing alkaloids decreases.Iso-caproic Add (C H3) — C H (C H,) — (C H, — C Hg — C O. O H).Therefore, when in the uncovered half the plane of polarization h-.

As already indicated, this inactivity of artificial substances n.L. Pasteur, Member of tlie Institute of France, the Eoyal Society of.Their disappearance indicates positions of the movable Nicol, in.Being a Complele Manual of Viticulture and CEnology. By J. L.In general, indeed, the errors are seldom so large as they are.

In like mannar, the auppoaed optioal activity of iodide of trimethylethyl-.I occurrence along with cane-sugar of a whole aeries of other.Aqueous solution with addition of concentrated hydrochloric acid.Incongruous hemihedric faces are found in most crystallizahle.K95. Anotlier source of inaccuracy met with in tlie aacoliari-.DEPENDENCE OF OPTICAL ACTIVITY i:PON OHEMTCAL CONSTITUTION. 35.Nevertheless, in chemical writings we still find many specific.

In theae derivatives the halves being disdmilarly constitated.I Jie lithium, sodium, and thallium rays, for the same purpose.Mrhich a is the angle of rotation observed with the sodium light, and.Bud may be obtaiued by observation of a single eolution of onj.

Instead of common salt calcined soda may be used, but this, whilst.As already stated (% 33), we find that when an active substance.Solutions in dilute hydrochloric acid, with 1 molecule of the.Nicotine mixes with water in all proportions, the more dilute.Mitivity, and further research is needed to decide whether or not this.

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The sensitive tint makes its appearance as above described when.

S 4. We have next to consider the behaviour of a polarized raj.Illustrated byupwardsof 600 Printed LithographicDiHgrams. 4to. gr.C), and which is based upon the assumption that rotation in a.Memoir and Supplementary Articles by Professors Tait and Rus-.The imperfect solubility of many active substances is a serious.An elongated rhombohedroa of calc-apar which, by grinding the.The resulting values, at least in cases where several solutions have been.A fixed tube.4, containing the polarizing Nicol, a convex lens.

As the physical and chemical properties of such opposite- rotatii.Religion considered as Illustrative of the Wisdom and Beneli-.Smithsonian Libraries FEDLINK (US) Genealogy Lincoln Collection Additional Collections.It should be remembered that when oil of turpentine is kept in.The direction of rotation in derivatives, in relation to that in.Manv older observations are in existence, made bv Biot with red.Ill dctei-miuing the zero-point, tlie analyzer is brought into the.The plane of polarization (and vibration) of this ray is at right angles.The real composition of the mixture actually consisted of equal.

The rotatory power decreases rapidly with increase of tempera-.The values cannot, however, be applied in any way for comparison.If now, owing to colouring or any slight turbidity, the field of.In any other substance, the rotation for one ray can be estimated.Tiiaterially affected by heat, it is necessary to be able to control the.The glacial acetic acid used was rectified by two fractional crys- H.

For the proper action of the compensator, it is, however, requi-l.Physical Constitution of the Sun, with especial reference to Recent.The foregoing conditions are shown in Figs. 35 and 36, the former.Hfently coloured — green and blue predominating in one, red and.Magnetic rotation, not being a property of the chemical mole-.The opposite end of the brass tube holds the movable Nieol J, 1.It is well to take observations on the filled tube at both positions.