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The staff were there to sell product (bars, suplements etc.) In fact, one girl told me while I watche dthe video, that she used to manage another popular weight loss location (herbal magic), and that it was a scam.I do know that I like feeling like I look good, I love hearing it and I know that I want to continue to feel good.

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I even use my old journals to aid me in losing weight now after the birth of my child.

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We all wanted to help you find your way to a healthy, happy, and energetic new you.

They will give you suggestions on where to improve based on a what your particular plan requires.We all need that push, that accountability and places like LA provide that, at a cost, of course.I am so pissed off needless to say now discouraged that I only have 5 more weeks before the centre closes.I am pissed I have been had and I am trying to keep you all from the same embarassment as me.

I am now 185 pounds and happen to have gotten a hold of the complete LAWL plan on ebay.

Diabetic Friendly Smoothies. A meal plan that keeps that level steady and normal is ideal. That's $120 off the regular price and includes free shipping!.LA Weight Loss, once a center-based. When the weight started coming off, I really noticed it most in the belly area. just google LA MEAL PLAN and it should.Then I went on the normal program which is very similar to Weight Watchers except for the soy bars (which I loved loved loved and were a great treat.

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Most of the LA Weight Loss products are available from their new website and they are trying to restore their reputation after they received such bad press as the result of many people losing money when the centers closed.Plus YOU HAD to eat 2 a day. Oh joy). Anyway, I quickly lost 30 pounds and never had so much energy in my life.I used to lay around and hardly be able to keep my eyes open.I have since gained the weight back and then some, but I know it works.I did find the purple plan, found out about the juice and found bars however I forgot how to use the juice.I actually worked at a center for almost a year and I can tell you that their number one goal is SALES, SALES, SALES.

I was on the gold plan a few years ago and lost the weight successfully but then gained it back after my baby.

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If anyone has the info for the beginning of the program PLEASE let me know.I hope those of you who put weight back on, and are blaming the plan for it, stuck to the plan throughout your weight gain.Get the 48 hr HOLLYWOOD DIET DETOX drink 14.99 (walmart,cvs) its the EXACT same thing.I think the idea of paying upfront for your program cost and then offering a refund for keeping it off for one year was brilliant.

Getting weighed 2-3 times a week by someone that is a 3rd party does make you think twice before putting that bad food in your mouth.It was a hassle to get that because they ended up telling me they didnt owe me anymore bars.When I started working there, I weighed over 400lbs. SERIOUSLY.